We Listen

We listen to our candidates and search for the opportunity they desire.  You do not have to posture when speaking to us about your goals.  We understand everyone has different desires.  Whatever your goal is (e.g., finding a law firm that is compatible with your ideal lifestyle, joining an international corporation, changing practice areas or relocating), we listen to you and do our best to make it happen.

We Offer Discretion

Do not submit your resume blindly to search firms and postings online. Talk to us and tell us what would be ideal for you.  We pride ourselves in understanding the importance of keeping your information confidential.  We will not reveal your identity to our employers without your consent.

We Have Opportunities

We speak to attorneys and employers all day every day.  We have many unique opportunities across the country.  We will save you time on your search and find opportunities that are not publicly available.  Tell us what interests you and let us put your best presentation together for the employer.

We Prepare You

We prepare candidates to make the best impression from start to finish.  Our services include resume review, interview preparation, salary negotiation and transition services.  We strive to obtain detailed information about open positions so that our candidates can determine if the opportunity is a good fit for them and if so, how to convey that through their presentation.  Once we set up the interview, we work with both sides throughout the hiring process to facilitate the best possible outcome for everyone.  Sometimes, certain questions and concerns are best addressed from a third party like us and not by the candidate.  We will get the information you need to prepare you to make your best life decision.

Contact us and let us go to work for you.